A friend once told me that she finally felt like an adult only when she had a closet full of shopping bags stored under her kitchen sink. But you know what is more useful (and adult) than a cabinet full of shopping bags. "So we asked the experts, who applied the term" tote "a little more widely and went beyond the typical canvas options, 15 excellent totes that are well made and, more importantly, not the same New Yorker or public radio that you will see every time you leave home.

Japanese Pleated Tote

“If I can choose something from our own store, the MoMA Japanese pleated bag is my last favorite. I love that the pleated fabric allows the bag to fold compactly for storage, and then the folds fan as the bag is filled. It is a superfunctional bag that does not seem functional. In addition, it is made of environmentally friendly materials, so it is very beneficial to use the pleated bag as your additional bag.

Boat and Tote, Open-Top

"I like the Michael Kors tote bag in the marina with my monogrammed initials (" JLU "). It is modular (I have them in many sizes, but always with a navy blue edge), easy to clean, well priced and a little low tech to complement my high tech

All sport Tote

This gym bag is awesome. I love the size and the fabric. It is waterproof (or at least I think it is), so it is easy to clean and never looks like a sports bag. With that look, your suitcase is filled with the time to carry your smelly and sweaty clothes. It also has a large space in the compartment for valuables and toiletries, which is key for me

This bag is sold out, but here is another stylish Sweaty Betty gym bag.

Suvi Buyer

“I love how Jason Wu's Suvi Shopper Tote lifts a traditional bag with its gold handles. You get the benefit of a tote size, but with a high-end design. It also has optional long shoulder straps that add a level of ease and at the same time look super chic. The bag comes with a small zippered bag, ideal for small items that might otherwise be lost at the bottom of the bag. The suede lining inside gives it an ultra-luxurious feel. For starters, this bag also has 'JW'


“Kazumi Takigawa's waxed canvas product line called Funagata is beautiful in its pure materiality. Over time and continued use, the waxed canvas material begins to wear out, showing white lines where there has been a curve or scratch. The result is a bag that has a unique narrative for the user, such as a fingerprint. "- Nancy Wu, co-founder, Building Blocks

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Bag

"I have been working to design a tote bag for our store, so I have researched a lot about which bags we love and why. I use the Baggu Tote for the beach because the sand falls and you can put a lot in it, but also It folds in that little bag, so it is ideal for traveling.I love my Bedford Cheese handbag; it is the best for shopping.It is black, so it will not look super gross.It is super robust and pleasant and wide. Oh, and the opening ceremony bag is super cute. " - Fabiana Faria, co-founder, Coming Soon

Checkered raffia woven plaid tartan bag

“I haven't bought a bag in a long time, since I started with my own brand of KARA bags, but when Gillian and Elise launched their Truss line, I couldn't resist. I love using your bag in the summer to go to the beach or be in the city. For a cheaper option, I bought this bag on a trip to the British Museum several years ago and I carry it almost every day of the week. It's a copy of the full text of Rosetta Stone. "- Sarah Law, Founder, KARA.

This bag is sold out, but here is another white, black, purple and green woven bag.

Classic medium travel bag

“LeSportsac makes some of my favorite bags. It is such an iconic brand, and they feature playful patterns with different designers, as well as versatile solids. The zipper closure of the medium travel tote is a great advantage when I go to the office or travel, and the interior pockets keep me organized. It is important for me to have a sufficient bag